Ac Motor Cad Videos

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The latest version of polyphase induction  motor design software from ACMOTORCAD.COM

VICA30 spreadsheet enhancement to hide unneeded info


Explains how to scale dimensions up or down in the ACMOTORCAD software.

Explains a quick way to zoom in and zoom out.

Explains a quick way to zoom in and zoom out.

How to use the Vica30HWIN program

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Explains the Vica42WIN product for single phase split phase induction motors

Tutorial about the enhanced version of Vica42 for designing single phase induction motors.

Tutorial about setting up Vica42 for single phase motors on your PC

Tutorial about gridlines for Vica sketches

Tutorial about importing design data into the enhanced Vica42 workbook for single phase induction motor designs

How to use the Vica18 program, DOS style, for designing multi speed single phase induction motors