ACMOTORCAD VICA42STD  DOS style program                                 $ 750 each

Includes scanned user manual from 1999 as a .pdf file, not searchable.

Includes several sample motor design files for input.

Includes Excel macro enabled workbook to chart speed torque curve and load performance curve.

Source code of Vica42I from Veinott is not included.

Product description

This is version I of C.G. Veinott’s single phase squirrel cage induction motor design program, used by hundreds of motor designers in the past. We call it Vica42I just as Veinott did in 1999.  Vica42I runs on Windows 10 32 or 64 bit (and 8 and 7) PC’s and is much improved regarding its input and output files.  It looks and feels like the DOS versions of the old Vica42I but outputs its data to disk files and uses free format input files, eliminating most of the need to count columns.



-Output to disk or printer instead of to printer or screen.  This allows automatic plotting with Excel possible for torque speed curves and load performance curves.

-All capabilities of VICA42I have been retained (concentric windings, multiple slot types, 6 aux winding options)

-Start winding types: capacitor start, split phase, permanent split capacitor, two value capacitor, split phase capacitor, two value dual aux winding capacitor motors

-Start winding optimization

-This program allows you to create punching files without a separate program.

-Supplied with a nonsearchable PDF version of Veinott’s user manual for complete variable meanings

-supplied with Excel macro enabled workbook to automatically plot results on Excel charts for viewing and printing and further manipulation.

-One or more youtube videos to explain aspects of the VICA42I software  see

-Tech support via blogs and Q&A and telephone support (limited, until we gain more experience with this product)

-30 day money back guarantee, software deactivation necessary

– Software license and company name are embedded in your software and permits use by any single simultaneous user on a single PC at one geographical company location.