Enhanced ACMOTORCAD VICA30                                  $1750 each

Volume discount, more than one copy,  20 percent less ($1400 each)

Price list in US dollars as of 18 JAN, 2018

This is a version of C.G. Veinott’s polyphase squirrel cage induction motor design program, used by hundreds of motor designers in the past. We call it VICA30ENH

It runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 PC’s and is much improved regarding user friendliness and capabilities.  VICA30ENH has the following features:

Excel front end with a sketching capability so your design can be visually checked for obvious errors

123 CAD

-Output to disk or printer instead of to printer or screen

-Values for each of Veinott’s variables in the design are clearly displayed and checked for obvious errors

-Elimination of clutter caused by unneeded variables for the slot or winding types you have selected

-Validated comparison of results of VICA30ENH versus Veinott’s DOS based VICA30H program

-Choice between output formats in VICA30H old format versus easier to read VICA30ENH format

Automatic instant graphing of run results as load performance curves and speed-torque curves

-All capabilities of VICA30H have been retained (diagnostics, concentric windings, dual rotors, stator canning, multiple slot types)

-Selection of multiple BH curves, one for stator and one for rotor

-Customizable motor calculations via “User Equations” tab

-Variable sweeps via “User Equations” tab for results and graphs versus frequency or any other variable. Optimize your design with sweeps.

-Importer brings in data from former Vica30 versions (as old as 1983 style design files).

-No punching files are created or needed, eliminating this extra step.  All the slot types are still available and we are working on more of them.

-Supplied with a searchable PDF version of Veinott’s user manual for complete variable meanings

-Numerous youtube videos to explain aspects of the software

-Tech support via 123cad.net blogs and Q&A (limited, until we gain more experience with this product)

-30 day money back guarantee

-Software is activated by our 123Licenser software which permits use of one copy, by one simultaneous user, any PC at your business location.

-One or more demo videos, see https://youtu.be/WeovBDHYVUY

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