123 CAD

123 Licenser

Why we need the licenser

Licensing restricts the use of any and all of our software to a single user who has paid to use it, by activating the software.

123Licenser also allows refunds, meaning that the refund cannot be made if you have not deactivated the software using the 123 Licenser.

Why you need the licenser

Licensing allows you and others to use our software on multiple computers, one at a time.  Each purchase comes with a license code and putting our software on multiple computers puts a license file on the hard drive of each computer.  Only one will contain the active license token in it.

When you start one of our programs, the license code is checked in the license file for the active license token in order for it to run.

You and your coworkers will need 123Licenser and an active internet connection to move the active license token. You run 123Licenser to deactivate your program, then your coworker runs 123Licenser to activate his/her program.

You must make a backup copy of your activated license file to a network place or a thumb drive or SDHC card or some place other than on your hard drive. If your hard drive crashed and you go to a new computer, you will need that copy of your active license file to run any Vica software on the new computer or any other computer. Otherwise, you may be required to buy new Vica software.

*Free download provided in case you have misplaced the copy that came with your purchase.


– Activates, deactivates the software via the internet.

-Maintains a license file in C:\123CAD by default, or another folder if desired.

-Your purchased software checks the license file in order to start running.

-One or more youtube videos to explain aspects of the 123 Licenser software, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPFTL7BiIZY