123 CAD

123 CAD – Full Version 1.0 Personal

Full version of our 123CAD addin for Excel for personal use

List of 123cad features

scripting based
Captures your operations in a script for playback and alteration
geometry creation
points lines circles arcs ellipses chords rays and Microsoft Office shapes
polyshapes regular polygons groups pictures
DXF files
imports and exports for industry standard DXF files with purchase of our “DXF Converter” product
Well known CAD features
Layers, filters, zooms, pans, undo, drag, hide, show, print, edit, calculate, measure
transformations: copy, move, rotate, offset, mirror, resize
constructions: intersections, tangents, perpendiculars,
Assemble sketch from other sketches
Save sketches as Jpg and png files
Parameter-based sketch
Vary your sketch by changing parameters that you name.
Use numeric values or cell values from any worksheet.
Use algebraic and Excel  formulas within the parameters
Use locations of shapes as parameters as well
Automatically increment parameters for animations
Many tutorial videos
Automatic help text and diagrams