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Now CAD is as easy as 1-2-3

With 123 CAD, it's easy to create stunning 2-D designs. Forget the hefty price tag and steep learning curve of other design suites. 123 CAD works with Microsoft Excel®; hence it uses an interface hundreds of millions of users are already familiar with.

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123 CAD

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From idea to design in 3 easy steps

There is no longer any need for fancy computer aided design (CAD) software.  Just use Microsoft Excel!

1 – Buy our new 1-2-3 add-in to enable new tabs and icons for Excel.

2 – Use the 1-2-3 icons to create the lines and shapes that represent your idea

3 – Edit the sketch with all the normal CAD bells and whistles until your idea is totally firmed and documented.


From zero to hero.

123 CAD
123 CAD
123 CAD
123 CAD


“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an understatement.  Show your idea without depending on an artist or designer or technical guru.  Our products are designed with the novice in mind due to the simplicity of the human interface, which is simply an addition to the normal Excel interface of menus and icons.

User Experience

The user experiences an increased power to create.  Not only does the user leverage a knowledge of calculating, but now the sketch-related calculations can be used to enable previously unexpected capabilities.


Empower your design process with the ability to add your own formulas and rules.  The limit is only that which Excel imposes, which is virtually no limits at all.  Move lines and shapes around with click and drag actions.  Use a separate sheet for each part in an assembly. Transform some or all the parts with rotations, copying, translations, rescaling, offsetting and more.


123CAD consumes just a few tens of megabytes of RAM memory per normal sized sketch.  You will not be slowed down with endless waiting for a sketch to refresh after you make a design change.

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123 CAD

Our 123 CAD team. Happy to meet you.

Brian handles tech support, programming, marketing, sales, and all other departments.  In other words, this is a one man show.

An experienced electrical engineer, Brian saw the need for a graphics addon for his own Excel workbooks.  Upon retirement from his profession, the time to act was available, and 123CAD was born.

Dr. Brian Concannon

Dr. Brian Concannon

Founder & Director

Getting in touch is easy.

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